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Is your Sheriff a Constitutional Sheriff?

This page is dedicated to our Sheriff.  We want to support and help our Sheriff thrive in their responsibility to the people of Hamilton County regarding our elections.

Can your Sheriff Help with clean elections?

Tennessee Constitution Article IV Sec 1

Every person, being eighteen years of age, being a citizen of the United States, being a resident of the state for a period of time as prescribed by the General Assembly, and being duly registered in the county of residence for a period of time prior to the day of any election as prescribed by the General Assembly, shall be entitled to vote in all federal, state, and local elections held in the county or district in which such person resides. All such requirements shall be equal and uniform across the state, and there shall be no other qualification attached to the right of suffrage. The General Assembly shall have power to enact laws requiring voters to vote in the election precincts in which they may reside, and laws to secure the freedom of elections and the purity of the ballot box...

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