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Issues in Georgia Spilling into Tennessee?

Wendi Strauch Mahoney | UncoverDC

Dec 14, 2022

Decisions in Georgia are making an impact on Tennessee

A Williamson County municipal election on October 26, 2021, “produced end-of-day tape reconciliation reports that seriously undercounted the number of ballots actually cast.” If not for an astute poll worker and a small group of concerned citizens who formed a group called the Tennessee Voters for Election Integrity (TVEI), the anomalies and QR code failure errors would not have been investigated. The undercount and other issues were found in six Dominion scanners in three distinct voting centers in Franklin, Tennessee. While these were not the only issues found in Williamson, the undercounted ballots were of interest to two men investigating elections in Georgia because of identical issues discovered there.

In Georgia, two persistent citizens, Kevin Moncla and David Cross, who founded the Elections Oversight Group, discovered the same anomalies and QR code failure errors in 65 out of the 67 counties from which they were “able to obtain the requisite records.” The numbers are significant, representing “some 97% across the state’s” 159 counties.

Sadly, in both cases, in their attempts to investigate and resolve the anomalies, these citizens were met with outright obstruction and delays in obtaining records and answers at almost every turn. This column focuses on months of investigation that ultimately led to the complaint filed by Moncla and Cross on October 11 in Georgia.

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